What to do

A trip to Sicily offers the best feelings and emotions thanks to the combination of good food, natural and artistic beauty. Ragusa is one of the most beautiful towns, offering spectacular scenery that seems straight out of a film: from the enchanting coastline bathed by the warm Mediterranean Sea to the many places steeped in culture.

Marina di Ragusa and the surrounding area are rich in attractions. We recommend exploring the main baroque centres of the Val di Noto (Unesco heritage site) or choose the route of Camilleri’s crime novels about the famous Commissario Montalbano.
Instead for sports lovers, the place offers endless possibilities for amateurs and professionals.

Here is a series of activities and events that will make your stay unforgettable:

Events - The Madonna of Porto Salvo

According to tradition, until the 1950s-60s, with the purpose of celebrating the conclusion of the agricultural work carried out, the inhabitants of Ragusa would gather on 14 August to go to Marina di Ragusa.

On the day of Ferragosto, the Church of Santa Maria di PortoSalvo organizes a game called ‘legno a mare’ (‘u lignu ‘nzivatu’) in which participants compete to catch a flag placed at the end of an 8-metre long pole on a fishing boat and greased with animal fat. In the afternoon, there is a procession on the sea, in which the simulacrum of the Madonna of PortoSalvo, placed on a boat, travels along most of the coastline.

Events - Addio all'estate

Every year in mid-September at the Tourist Port of Marina di Ragusa is organized a fireworks display to bid farewell to the next season . During the event there will be local food and wine tastings, photographic exhibitions, and all kinds of recreational and sporting events.

The festival is colored by dances, concerts and goes from the Tourist Port and Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi, and the eastern area from the Lungomare Andrea Doria to Piazza Malta. This square is filled with lovely traditional markets and stands.

Local markets

Every Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. a district market is held in Piazza Vincenzo Rabito to buy all kind of food. Additional small markets will be introduced during summer season.

Sporting activities

Marina di Ragusa is known to be one of the liveliest and most ideal locations for sports enthusiasts.

The port is often chosen as the main venue for various organized sporting events, such as the Vele d’Agosto Trophy and the Italia Cup Laser.

For sports enthusiasts:

Evening "movida"

The heart of the movida are the clubs located between the Porto Turistico, the Lungomare Mediterraneo, Piazza della Dogana and the main square, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi. Relaxing by day and fascinating by night, Marina di Ragusa is the perfect destination for a fun-filled trip. Typical dinners, drinks, concerts and evenings enchant some of its most eccentric neighbourhoods.

On the other hand, you can choose the most fashionable discos on the South-East coast.

Where to eat

In Sicily you will taste many local delicacies that you will love from the first bite.

You cannot miss Ragusa’s ‘SCACCE‘, cannoli or brioche with granita!

Here are the many places where to eat in Marina di Ragusa:

Street Food:

  • CHIOSCO DEL FARO – Lungomare Mediterraneo
  • LA GROTTA BEACH – Via Napoli, 11
  • PANIFICIO SAN GIUSEPPE – Via del Mare, 6
  • STELLA MARINA – Piazza Scalo Trapanese
  • BURGERT ART – Piazza Duca degli Abbruzzi, 12
  • DUKE – Piazza Duca degli Abbruzzi, 17
  • BOLLA – Via Amerigo Vespucci, 9
  • I PUPARI – Piazza Duca degli Abbruzzi, 5
  • A CAMPERIA – Via Benedetto Brin, 1
  • ARA’ – Via Tindari, 13
  • KONZA – Via Tindari, 5
  • L’ARTE DEL SALATO – Lungomare Andrea Doria, 72

Restaurants and Pizzerie:

  • FRANGIPANE AL PORTO – Porto Turistico di Marina di Ragusa
  • FRESCO è BOTTEGA – Via Livorno, Porto Turistico di Marina di Ragusa
  • MERCATO DEL PORTO – Via Livorno, Porto Turistico di Marina di Ragusa
  • 1T – Via Livorno, Porto Turistico di Marina di Ragusa
  • LAOLA BEACH – Lungomare Mediterraneo
  • SOTTOSALE – Via Venezia,18
  • QUATTRO QUARTI – Via augusta,1
  • TRE PER CASO – Lungomare Mediterraneo
  • LUMIA – Lungomare Mediterraneo
  • VOSSIA IL MARE – Via Benedetto Brin, 2
  • RUDE – CUCINA E CACIARA – Lungomare Andrea Doria, 3
  • MET – Piazza Torre 1
  • MARTA CUCINA D’AMARE – Piazza Icnusa,3
  • NON SOLO PIZZA – Piazza Duca degli Abbruzzi,2/8
  • UMORE – Piazza Duca degli Abbruzzi,14
  • TOSHI – Via del Mare,13
  • ZENCHO SUSHI – Via Dandolo,18
  • CIBARTE’ – Lungomare Andrea Doria,18
  • LIDO AZZURRO 1953 DA SERAFINO – Lungomare Andrea Doria
  • MIRAMARE – Lungomare Andrea Doria, 44
  • VOTA VOTA – Lungomare Andrea Doria, 48
  • DONNALINA 1974 – Lungomare Andrea Doria, 76
  • MARISCO – Lungomare Andrea Doria, 104
  • IL DELFINO – Lungomare Andrea Doria
  • TRATTORIA DA CARMELO – Lungomare Andrea Doria
  • LA FALENA – Via Portovenere

Bar e gelaterie:

  • DOLCERIA Via del Mare, 9
  • CAFFE’ DELLE ROSE – Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi,25
  • SORBETTERIA – Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi, 20
  • CAFFE’ ROMA – Via Dandolo,6
  • CANNOLIA – Via Amerigo Vespucci, 6
  • DON PEPPINU – Piazza Malta,11
  • STELLA MARINA – Piazza Scalo Trapanese
  • SCALO SICILIA – Via Benedetto Brin,63
  • FRESCO è BOTTEGA – Via Livorno Porto Turistico
  • FRANGIPANE AL PORTO – Porto Turistico
  • MARINA’S LOUNGE BAR Lungomare Mediterraneo,25/33